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Coach Leake & Coach Agar




Message from Coach Leake and Coach Agar


In order to maintain a positive classroom environment, all students are expected to help the class.  HIE students help the class by:

1. listening to and following teacher's directions
2. staying in control at all times
3. having a good attitude towards others
4. respecting the people, equipment, and property of HIE.


Dress Code:

For the safety of the students, appropriate dress is required for Physical Education. Students must wear: tennis shoes, shorts, pants, or skorts.  Students not following the dress code will not be able to participate.


Illness and Injuries:

If a student is ill or injured, he/she must bring a note from a doctor, parent, or guardian stating the limitations of participation or the exclusion from activity.  If the student is limited or excluded from activity for an extended period of time, plese send a note when he/she may resume normal activity.  Students will not be excused from participating if they do not have a note!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact us at school 985-641-3557.

Coach Leake and Coach Agar

We are looking forward to a great year of Physical Education!  We have tons of fun activities that we will use to help the students maintain a healthy lifestyle.