Positive Behavior Support


At Honey Island Elementary School, we focus on developing positive behaviors which will be most conducive to learning.  We expect everyone to take personal responsibility for the attitudes they choose each day.  Positive behavior is fed, nourished, and exchanged by being there for each other.  Everyone is given opportunities to model, role play, and practice expected behaviors.  We regularly look for opportunities to make each other’s day by acknowledging each other, not only for what we achieve but for who we are.  Our students are free to have fun and experiment with new ideas and feel safe to make mistakes that lead to effective learning.

All people in this environment are committed to coaching each other to live a shared vision each day! 



Our School-Wide Expectations

“The FISH Philosophy”


Be There

Make Their Day

Choose Your Attitude

Have Fun

Click here for a video about the FISH Philosophy.

PBS Student Incentive Program 

*CHAMPOs: As part of our CHAMPs behavior management model, CHAMPO boards are used. Each classroom has a 25 square CHAMPO board displayed.  When students show they are following class CHAMPs expectations, the teacher calls a CHAMPO moment.  A number is pulled and that square is marked.  Classes celebrate for each row completed, like Bingo.  Once a classroom CHAMPO board is full, students get to pull a number for the school-wide CHAMPO board.  This drawing is held on WHIE!  The school-wide CHAMPO board is made of 100 squares.  When a 10-in-a-row is filled, the whole school has a small treat!  When the school-wide CHAMPO board is filled with all 100 squares, the whole school has a special celebration! (Click here for more CHAMPO information)

GOOD NEWS CALLS:  When a student exhibits exceptional behavior, hard work, good manners, etc. the teacher may fill out a “Good News Call” form and send it to the office.  An administrator makes the “Good News Call” home, letting the parents know that their student is to be commended for their behavior.  The student is also recognized in the classroom in front of his/her peers, and receives a treat.


BUZZ BUCKS PROGRAM:  Buzz Bucks will be given to students who demonstrate appropriate positive behavior and follow school expectations.  These are posted throughout the school on CHAMPs boards.  Teachers, staff members, and bus drivers can give out Buzz Bucks, and they should let the student know why he/she has earned the Buzz Buck.  Students may not ask for a Buzz Buck.  Only one Buzz Buck can be given each time a positive behavior is rewarded.  Buzz Bucks can be redeemed at the Honey Hive Store once a week on Thursday during lunch recess time.  Prizes can be viewed in the Honey Hive glass window display in the 100 hallway.  Buzz Bucks must be spent by the end of each quarter because the color changes from quarter to quarter.  At the end of the quarter, a Buzz Buck drawing is held on WHIE including all the Buzz Bucks redeemed that quarter.  That is why it is important that students write their first and last name on each Buzz Buck they receive.  Buzz Bucks cannot be shared or given away. Students may purchase a Buzz Buck holder for $3.00 from the front office.