Each teacher will have a CHAMPs board, expectations, goals, and consequences posted in the classroom.

Positive Behavior Support

School Wide Expectations


CHAMPS is a proactive and positive approach to classroom management.  CHAMPS is our school-wide model to encourage student responsibility and motivation.  The guiding principles behind CHAMPS are to enhance student engagement and learning by empowering school personnel with techniques to help all students behave responsibly and respectfully.

The CHAMPS beliefs include:


The CHAMPS acronyms are:

            C -       Conversation (What level of talk can students do during this activity?)

            H -       Help (How can students ask for help during this activity?)

            A -       Activity (What is the task/objective of this activity?)

            M -       Movement (What is the movement during the activity?)

            P -       Participation (What does appropriate student behavior look like/sound like during this activity?)

            S -       Success (If we follow these expectations we will achieve success!)